Scribner Seminar Program (SSP)

SSP 100 -  Scribner Seminar  
Credits: 4  

These interdisciplinary seminars introduce students to perspectives on a particular subject of inquiry. Each seminar, limited to 16 first-year students, allows participants to work together closely and also acts as a foundation and context for future college studies. Faculty instructors develop the seminar theme around their research and scholarly interests. In addition, faculty instructors serve as mentors and advisors to the students enrolled in the seminars. During each seminar, students enhance their abilities to read critically, communicate ideas both orally and in writing, and relate the seminar to their educational goals. Click Scribner Seminars to view the list of seminars available. All first-year students must take one Scribner Seminar in their first semester. This course must be taken for a letter grade.