Library (LI)

LI 100 -  Electronic Information Resources  
Credits: 1  

An introduction to the language, resources, and processes of academic library research, taught in the first half of the semester. Students will examine online search techniques in a variety of databases and address the structure of disciplinary information systems, the selection of proper information resources, and the evaluation of search results, as well as some of the social, political, economic, and practical issues of the information age.

LI 201 -  Overdue Notice: Libraries and Social Justice  
Credits: 3  

A critical consideration of the ways libraries simultaneously preserve, reflect, perpetuate, and challenge cultural assumptions of the diverse communities they serve. Students will examine the roles of libraries in the United States and identify ways that these institutions participate in both systems of privilege and movements toward social justice in contemporary America. Students will develop a proposal to enact one change that is "overdue" to make Skidmore's library more just. and present it to a panel of Scribner Library faculty and staff.

Prerequisites: SSP 100.   
Note(s): Fulfills the Bridge Experience requirement.  
LI 371 -  Independent Study  
Credits: 1  

Preparation for a senior thesis, capstone, or honors project that requires a serious research component. Students will work one-on-one with a subject specialist in the library to prepare the groundwork for an intensive academic project within their major. Students will be instructed in the organization of information and in sophisticated search strategies for finding, evaluating, and using information. A critical annotated bibliography is required, as well as a strategy for acquiring materials needed for the final project.

Prerequisites: Students must obtain approval from their academic advisor and permission of the instructor required.