HE 100 -  Academic Writing  
Credits: 3  

A course designed for HEOP students that includes work on grammar, sentence structure, paragraph development, and ESL concerns. It will introduce interpretation and documentation of academic texts from a variety of disciplines. Students will move from short papers and revisions to a final analytical five-page paper.

HE 102 -  Basic Concepts of Math  
Credits: 3  

This course addresses quantitative skills such as: number relations, computations, percents, word problems, statistics, and the interpretations of graphs. It is intended to prepare students for MA 100.

HE 103 -  College Writing  
Credits: 0  

This is a remedial course that includes both basic grammatical skills and the writing of one- and two-page essays. The instructor reviews sentence structure, usage, some ESL techniques, and paragraph development. The student progresses to longer essays and the creation of a portfolio of his/her best work.

HE 104 -  Study Skills  
Credits: 0  
HE 105 -  Academic Transformations Academic Transformations Academic Transformations  
Credits: 1  

This course is required for all first-year students in the Opportunity Program as a continuation of building students' foundation for academic success in college. Students will be given opportunities to integrate learning theories with their own academic development and continue to build communication skills. Focus will also be on familiarizing students with the available resources and support systems on campus. 

HE 106 -  Critical Reading  
Credits: 0  

This course follows the format of the Human Dilemmas section of SSP100 Scribner Seminar. Students are introduced to a variety of classroom settings, including lectures, guest lectures, discussion meetings, and performances. The study skills component of this course uses the content of the pre-Scribner Seminar readings and discussions to help students improve reading-comprehension, time-management, note-taking, analytical, and library skills.

HE 151C -  Special Topics  
Credits: 3