Self Determined (SD)

SD 374 -  Self-Determined Major Final Project Prep  
Credits: 1  

Preparation and successful execution of a well-designed self-determined major (SDM) final project proposal. As part of the final project proposal, the student will complete an annotated bibliography that reflects the scholarly or artistic conversation in the relevant areas of study. The final project, which is the culminating capstone experience, must be original work that reflects and integrates the various components of the student's self-determined major. The student must submit the final project proposal to the SDM Committee for approval. In short, this course is designed to guide the student in writing the final project proposal, including the annotated bibliography. This course fulfills the senior coda requirement for self-determined majors.

Prerequisites: Self-determined majors who have completed at least 90 credit-hours of college course work.   
Note(s): Fulfills Senior Experience Coda requirement.  
SD 399 -  Self-Determined Internship  
Credits: 1-4