Internships (IN)

IN 100 -  Exploration Internship  
Credits: 1-4  

Internship experience for students in all classes who wish to gain professional or vocational experience within an educational context at an entry level, or who wish to have educational and work experience in a field not directly related to an academic department or program at Skidmore. This course is also appropriate for students who have not completed advanced coursework in a major field offering internship credit at the 300 level. The internship experience must take place for at least five weeks and follow the guidelines for contact hours (1 credit requires at least 45 contact hours; 2 credits requires at least 90 contact hours; and 3 credits requires at least 135 contact hours). Proposals require faculty sponsorship and are reviewed for credit by the Associate Dean of Faculty for Student Academic Affairs.

Note(s): Not for liberal arts credit. Must be taken S/U.  
IN 399 -  Exploration Internship  
Credits: 1-8