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Catalog 2021-2022 
Catalog 2021-2022

Black Studies Minor

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The Black Studies minor will provide an intellectual framework for understanding global Black experiences both historically and contemporarily.  Specifically, the minor not only will illuminate Black triumphs and travails in the United States, but those throughout the Diaspora, particularly in Continental Africa and the Caribbean.  Black Studies is significant nationally because its emergence-inextricably bound to the Black Power phase of a larger struggle for African American human rights-paved the way for subsequent liberatory fields, including Chicana/Chicano Studies, Gender Studies, and Indigenous Nations Studies, that also seek to center marginalized groups and challenge structures of power and privilege.  In addition to interrogating institutionalized racism in the United States, this interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary field of study examines intraracial issues of socioeconomic class, gender, sexuality and skin color via a constellation of courses in the humanities (including the arts) and social sciences.  The minor will provide students, irrespective of their ethnic or racial backgrounds, with opportunities to better reflect upon and interrogate their lived experiences in relation to constructions of race and other social structures.  Those interested in exploring the Black Studies program next academic  year should contact Winston Grady-Willis, Professor and Director of Black Studies, at wgradywi@skidmore.edu or 518-580-5014.  His office is Palamountain Hall, Room 431.

Minor Requirements

Minimum 18 credits (6 courses) required

Core Courses                                                                            

  •    (3 credits)                          
  • Approved Power and Justice Course (3-4 credits)
  • Capstone Course or Experience (3-4 credits)                                       
  • 1 elective from Group A: Arts & Humanities (3-4 credits)                           
  • 1 elective from Group B: Natural & Social Sciences (3-4 credits)                                    
  • 1 additional elective from Group A or Group B (3-4 credits)                                            


  • The capstone course or experience includes BST XXX, Seminar in Black Studies, BST XXX, Internship in Black Studies, or select off-campus study experiences.
  • No more than two courses taken at another institution may count toward the minor.
  • Students must take at least one elective from Group A and one from Group B.
  • One of the three electives must be at the 300-level.


Possible Electives (no more than two from each group)                  

Group A: Arts and Humanities

AH 151D Survey of African Art                                                                                         

AH 251C African Art and Travel                                                                                        

AH 251C Photography in Africa


AH 351C Art in Egypt 19th to 21st Century*                                                                   

AH 351C Identity in African Art*                                                                                   

AH 375C Race and Contemporary Art*

CC 227 - Race and Ethnicity in Ancient Greece and Beyond                                                                            


  (19C African American Fiction)  


EN 237 Empire Strikes Back: Postcolonial Literature                                               


   (when topic is Long History of the Civil Rights Movement; counts as a Group A or B course - does not fulfill both)   

   (when topic is Speculative Histories of Slavery and Colonialism)   

IG 264 Taking the Journey Home (Counts as a Group A or B course - does not fulfill both)   

MU 345N Black Atlantic Music                                        


TH 334 Mixed Race on Stage and Film                                                                                                            



Group B: Natural and Social Sciences









  (Colonialism and Capitalism)                           


ED 261C Urban Education                                                                                                 


ES 252C Human Rights and Development*                                                                                                 



GW 351D - Disease, Health and Nation                                                                         




HI 251D - African American History since 1865                                             


IA 351 Colorism in Paradise           

   (when topic is Long History of the Civil Rights Movement; counts as a Group A or B course - does not fulfill both)                                                                           

IG 264 Taking the Journey Home (Counts as a Group A or B course - does not fulfill both)          




PL 251A - Race, State and Power in Comparative Perspective* and Contemporary African Politics*

PL 251B - Hip Hop Politics and Protest*

PL 351B - African American Political Thought*                              

PL 365 - Topics in Comparative Politics (when applicable)*     

PL 366 - International Organizations and Global Governance                                  








 *These courses have department/program-specific prerequisites.

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