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Catalog 2019-2020 
Catalog 2019-2020

Philosophy B.A.

Minimal requirements for a major in philosophy are the general college requirements, plus nine courses in philosophy, including PH 203 , PH 204 , PH 207 ,

 , and PH 375 . PH 375  fulfills the writing requirement in the major. Three of the remaining four courses must be chosen from 300-level philosophy offerings (PH or PR).  At least five of the total courses for the major must be at the 300 level, with at least two at the 300 level taken in the senior year. Courses must total at least 30 credit hours.

Courses in religion are offered in the Department of Philosophy and Religion as electives for the entire student body and may count toward a major in religious studies but may not be counted toward a philosophy major.

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