Nov 19, 2018  
Catalog 2018-2019 
Catalog 2018-2019

Statistics Minor

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The core for a minor in statistics should consist of:

1). One: Introductory course (disciplinary methods):

 ,  ,  ,  ,   

2). No more than one: Applied course in an outside discipline (other courses may apply with student request): 

 ,     ,    

3). Statistics (MS abbreviation) courses, at least 3 of the following current offerings: 

    or past courses:

Sports & Statistics (Spring 2016 MA 276)

Statistical Genetics (Fall 2017 MA 276)

Probability (Spring 2017 MA 204)

Mathematical Statistics (Fall 2015 MA 376)


-MA 376, the senior seminar, can count if the topic is Statistics, such as the Advanced Data Analysis course we will offer in Spring 2019

-Students who have taken MS 104 are not eligible to take MS 204 (and vice versa)

-Other courses from outside the department which include a substantial statistics component may count towards the minor with permission of the statistics faculty.

-An independent study/honors project that involves substantial statistical analysis may also be used as one of the five courses toward an applied statistics minor.

-No more than two of the five units can be courses from outside the core statistics courses listed above.

-One credit courses do not count towards the minor

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