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Catalog 2018-2019 
Catalog 2018-2019

Environmental Sciences B.A.

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Environmental Sciences B.A.
Students in the Environmental Science major must successfully complete at least 53 credits in approved courses

Foundation course:


  1. Natural science disciplinary foundation:   or   , and  ;
  2. Interdisciplinary natural science core courses:   and  ;
  3. Three additional courses from ESS Cluster B2, one of which must be an ES-designated course (two of these courses must be at the 300 level, the third must at least be 200 level, and two of the three must be lab courses);
  4. a)  One course, at least 3 credits, from ESS Cluster A: Culture, Society, and the Environment; and
    b)  An additional 3 credits in ESS Cluster A;
    c)  Up to 3 credits in total of  ,  ,  , and   may count toward the major.
  5. Two methods courses: a)   or   or   and b)  ; and
  6. ESS Senior Year Capstone Sequence of   and  .

Writing in the Major Requirement: Both Environmental Studies and Environmental Science require writing that synthesizes information from a variety of sources, clearly articulates both science- and value-based arguments, and conveys complicated ideas. Students must learn to write independent pieces and to write effectively in a collaborative setting. In introductory courses for the major, students advance their writing skills through analytical case studies and scientific papers and reports; this focus continues in 200-level courses. The capstone challenges students to describe their complex research findings in narrative and graphical forms and to discuss the relevance of their finding in a manner accessible to community groups. Majors in both Environmental Science and Environmental Studies fulfill the Skidmore writing-in-the-major requirement as they complete their major requirements, learning to write in a variety of disciplines and for a variety of audiences, including the general public.

(See Environmental Studies and Sciences  for a listing of cluster courses.)

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