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    Skidmore College
  Feb 17, 2018
Catalog 2017-2018 
Catalog 2017-2018

Intergroup Relations Minor

The IGR minor requires a minimum of 18 credits, including the following requirements:

1. Intergroup/Intragroup Race Dialogue Course, either A, B, or C (2 credits)

a. IG 201A - Intergroup/Intragroup Race Dialogs: People of Color/White People 

b. IG 201B - Intergroup/Intragroup Race Dialogs: Multiracial Identity 

c. IG 201C - Intergroup/Intragroup Race Dialogs: White Racial Identity 

2.      Foundational Course in Race, Racism, and Dialogue (4 credits)

a. SO 219 - Race and Power 

3.      Facilitator Training Application Course

a. IG 361 - Racial Identities: Theory and Praxis  (4 credits) or SO 361 - Racial Identities: Theory and Praxis  (4 credits)

4.      Capstone Course (5 credits total)

a. IG 364 - Practicum in Facilitating  (3 credits) taken concurrently with IG 365

b. IG 365 - Dialogue Facilitation  (2 credits) taken concurrently with IG 364

5.      At least one of the following elective courses (3 or 4 credits)

a. Choice of courses that provide a theoretical foundation focused on a particular racial identity group and/or a race-focused topical area.  Other courses with identity foci that demonstrate intersectionality with race will also be considered by the Program Director. Examples include:

AM 261 C or D - Themes in American Culture  (when topic is Diversity in the U.S.)
AM 331 - Critical Whiteness In The U.S.  
AM 351 C or D - Topics In American Culture  (when topic is Disorderly Women)
AN 228 - Queer Cultures: Sexual and Gender Identities in a Globalizing World  
EN 227 - Introduction to African-American Literature  
EN 327 - Special Studies in African-American Literature  
MU 205 - Special Studies in Music Literature  (when topic is Taiko and the Asian American Experience)
SO 208 - Social Inequality  
SW 212 - Social Work Values and Populations-At-Risk  


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