Mar 18, 2018  
Catalog 2017-2018 
Catalog 2017-2018

Exercise Science B.S.

Students who major in exercise science must:

  1. Fulfill the general college requirements;
  2. Complete nine courses in exercise science as listed below;
  3. Complete CH 125  (preferably in the first year); and
  4. Complete   to fulfill the Department Writing Requirement.

The nine courses in exercise science must include HP 111 HP 126 , HP 127 ,

 , HP 241  , HP 311 , HP 355 , and one course from the following group of courses:   HP 314 , HP 315,  , HP 317, HP 318, HP 319, HP 320, HP 321, and HP 322.

The Department of Health and Human Physiological Sciences recommends that students have CPR certification by the end of the second year.

Students interested in professional courses of study at the graduate level should consult with the chair of the department so that the necessary biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and other prerequisites become part of the four-year curriculum plan.

See Health and Human Physiological Sciences