Sep 24, 2021  
Catalog 2021-2022 
Catalog 2021-2022


Chair of the Department of Philosophy: Larry Jorgensen

Professors: Larry Jorgensen, William S. Lewis, Reginald Lilly (on Sabbatical Fall 2020)

Associate Professors: Silvia Carli

Visiting Assistant Professor: Susan Blake

Teaching Professor: Peter Murray


Department Overview

The study of philosophy provides the concepts, analytical skills, and creative perception to engage deeply with the human situation. Courses in this discipline develop the habits of mind that make it possible to engage our changing world in a perceptive, intelligent, sensitive, and creative manner. The major emphasizes active engagement with philosophical texts, with the histories and traditions of human thought, and with current issues of deep significance.

Students are drawn to philosophy for a variety of reasons, and so the major aims to provide flexibility for students to pursue their own interests while also providing a solid foundation for those students who wish to continue with philosophy at the graduate level.


Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




Course Listing

PH 112H - The Cave: Philosophy in the Shadows