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Catalog 2021-2022 
Catalog 2021-2022


Chair of the Department of Dance: Sarah DiPasquale

Associate Chair of the Department of Dance: Jason Ohlberg

Associate Professors: Sarah DiPasquale, Jason Ohlberg

Senior Artist-in-Residence: Mary Harney

Visiting Artist- in-Residence: Hettie Barnhill

Senior Lecturer: Erika Pujič

Lecturers: Tina Baird, Maya Kraus, David Otto, Cristiane Santos, Corey John Snide, Christy Williams

Music Director: Carl Landa

Accompanists: Carol Ann Elze-Sussdorff, Patricia Hadfield

Technical Director, Lighting Designer, and Manager: Lori Dawson

Stage Manager: Jessica M. Thomas

Faculty Emeriti: Mary Di-Santo-Rose, Debra J. Fernandez, Denise Limoli

Dance Department Administrative Assistant: Ellen Grandy

Department Overview

The mission of the Dance Department is to link critical thinking, historical perspective, and creative discovery with the distinct skills derived from physically-sound studio practice, performance, and research. Skidmore provides a rigorous four-year experience that enables students to pursue the major or minor in a way that effectively supports their personal goals and ambitions.

Students pursue the major through one of two tracks: Performance/Choreography or Dance Research. Both tracks represent a combined course of study that includes intensive dance technique, history/criticism, research skills, improvisation, and composition classes. Both tracks lead to a Bachelor of Science degree, preparing students for a career in the fields of performance, choreography, dance education, dance therapies, arts administration, dance criticism, and research.

Over 70% of students in the department are double majors and many dancers design senior thesis projects that successfully and meaningfully align their double majors, demonstrating a commitment to both artistic excellence and interdisciplinary studies in dance. Recent graduates have earned degrees in both dance and exercise science, art history, English, theater, computer science, psychology, government, neuroscience, and biology (pre-med). Regardless of whether you major or minor, classes and performances are open to everyone. The Department is rooted in the belief that dance is an inclusive art, available for ALL bodies to practice.

Guest Artists:

In addition to our exceptional faculty & staff, students are regularly exposed to an impressive roster of guest artists and choreographers who represent a broad spectrum of the dance world. The Dance Department hosts annual workshops, master classes, guest lectures, and artist residencies where students learn from the work of historic and internationally acclaimed artists as well as contemporary innovators who are currently defining the professional field.

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




Course Listing

DA 105 - Dance Conditioning  
  (currently not offered)
  (currently not offered)
  (currently not offered)
  (currently not offered)
  (currently not offered)

  (currently not offered)


Dance Technique Courses

DA 101 , DB 111 , DM 111 DB 211 DM 211 DA 212 DB 212 DM 212 DA 213 DA 214 DA 215 DA 217 DA 218 DB 311 DM 311 DA 312 DA 313 DA 314 DA 315 DA 317 DA 318 , DB 320 DB 351 DM 351 DB 352 DB 353 ,

  (technique related topics)


DB 393 DM 393 , DB 394 , DM 394 DM 395 DM 396 

Dance Theory

   , DA 227 DA 228 DA 230 DA 274 DA 276 DA 277 DA 278 DA 279  , DA 327 DA 328 DA 335 DA 340 DA 371 A-D  (theory related topics),  , DA 375 , DA 399