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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021


Chair of the Department of Psychology: Mark Rye

Associate Chair of the Department of Psychology: Rebecca Johnson

Professors:  Rebecca Johnson, Hassan López, Flip Phillips
, Mark Rye,  Sheldon Solomon

Associate Professors: Denise L. Evert, The Susan Kettering Williamson ‘59 Chair in Neuroscience; Corinne Moss-Racusin, Daniel Peterson, Casey Schofield

Assistant Professors: Jessica Sullivan, Dominique Vuvan, Leigh Wilton, Erica Wojcik

Senior Teaching Professor: Rachel Mann-Rosan

Visiting Assistant Professors: Elliott Jardin, Conor O’Dea, Ellen O’Malley

Research Associates: Hugh Foley, Mary Ann Foley

Administrative Assistant: Nicole Buck

Department Overview

The mission of the psychology major is to provide students with a foundation of concepts, issues, discoveries, and methodologies for the scientific study of psychological processes. In part, this foundation is achieved by exploring a number of perspectives within the field including neuroscientific, perceptual, cognitive, developmental, social, and clinical phenomena. Faculty expect that Skidmore psychology majors will acquire basic knowledge about several areas and gain quantitative and research skills necessary to make informed judgments about psychological research. In addition, students will learn to evaluate, integrate, and think critically about theoretical and applied issues and to communicate their knowledge of psychology effectively through written and oral forms. Thus, students are encouraged to take writing-intensive courses as preparation for the major.

There is no formal program for a minor in psychology. Those interested in taking some psychology courses without actually completing a major are encouraged to select a set of courses relevant to their needs. Members of the department are happy to assist in this selection process.

Major Requirements




Course Listing

NS 101 - Neuroscience: Mind and Behavior 


PS 101 - Introduction to Psychological Science 
PS 102 - Colloquium in Psychological Science 
PS 202 - Statistics and Research Methods I 
PS 204 - Educational Psychology 
PS 205 - Social Psychology 
PS 206 - Developmental Psychology  
PS 207 - Introduction to Child Development 
PS 208 - Adolescent Development 
PS 209 - Adult Development 
PS 210 - Personality 
PS 211 - Applied Psychology 
PS 212A - Themes in Contemporary Psychology 
PS 212B - Themes in Contemporary Psychology 
PS 213 - Hormones and Behavior 
PS 214 - Psychological Disorders 
PS 218 - Cognition 
PS 219 - Health Psychology 
PS 221 - Clinical Psychopharmacology  
PS 223 - Evolutionary Psychology 
PS 225 - Perception 
PS 231 - Neuropsychology 
PS 232 - Introduction to Cognitive Science 
PS 234 - Developmental Disabilities and Autism  
PS 251 - Special Seminar Series in Psychology 

PS 275 - Exploratory Research Experience in Psychology 
PS 303 - Statistics and Research Methods II  
PS 304 - Physiological Psychology  
PS 305A - Cognitive Development 
PS 305B - Cognitive Development w/Lab 
PS 307 - Advanced Personality 
PS 312A - Advanced Study of Major Issues of Psychology 
PS 312B - Advanced Study of Major Issues of Psychology 
PS 313 - Psychology of Gender  
PS 314 - Psychology of Reading 
PS 315 - Clinical Psychology 
PS 317 - Psychological Testing 
PS 318H - Advanced Statistics in Psychology 
PS 320 - Research Methods in Social Psychology 
PS 321 - Motivation and Emotion 
PS 322 - Positive Psychology  
PS 323 - Psycholinguistics 
PS 325 - Perception Research Methods 
PS 327 - Computational Methods in Psychology and Neuroscience 
PS 329 - Clinical Psychology Field Experience 
PS 330 - Research Methods in Memory  
PS 334 - Psychology of Religion 
PS 335 - Psychology of Race  
PS 351 - Special Advanced Seminar Series in Psychology