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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021


Chair of the Department of Geosciences: Amy Frappier

Acting Chair of the Department of Geosciences: Kyle Nichols, Fall 2019

Associate Professors: Gregory Gerbi,
Amy Frappier, Kyle Nichols

Assistant Professors: Margaret Estapa

Visiting Assistant Professor: Tadesse Berhanu

Visiting Instructor: Jennifer Cholnoky

Research Associates: Darren Gravley

Research Fellow: Brian Frappier

Emeritus Professor: Richard H. Lindemann

Administrative Assistant in Geosciences and Environmental Studies and Sciences: Carol Goody

Department Overview

Geoscience is the study of planet Earth, its materials, the processes that act upon them, and the history of the planet and its life forms since its origin. The mission of Skidmore’s geosciences program is to apply the understanding of Earth processes to contemporary issues such as Earth resources, land-use planning, and global change. The program’s curriculum includes ocean and atmospheric sciences, Earth surface processes, and the history of global change. Our courses are designed for students with a general interest in the geosciences as well as for students planning to pursue a graduate degree. We accomplish this mission by providing an environment in which students acquire sound scientific problem-solving, research, and communication skills. Geoscience students obtain a strong foundation for lifelong learning, professional development in the geosciences, and enhanced career opportunities in other fields that require a broadly based background in this discipline. A liberal arts degree in geosciences prepares a student for a number of professional activities related to resource management, climatology, oceanography, hydrology, Earth hazards, land-use planning, earth science teaching, and environmental consulting. Our department contributes to the broader mission of the college by providing courses that enhance student awareness of, and appreciation for, Earth’s dynamic systems and the scientific methodologies by which they are understood. Our program complements and is complemented by Environmental Studies and Sciences in additional to other natural sciences.

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




Course Listing

GE 275 A-C - Introductory Research in Geosciences  
GE 305 - Remote Sensing of the Earth and Environment  
GE 375 A-D - Senior Research in Geosciences