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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021


Chair of the Department of Chemistry: Steven T. Frey

Associate Chair of the Department of Chemistry: Juan Navea

Professors: Kimberley A. Frederick, Raymond J. Giguere

Associate Professor: Steven T. Frey, Juan Navea, Kelly Sheppard

Assistant Professors: K. Aurelia Ball, Anna Brezny, Madushi Raththagala

Visiting Assistant Professors: Nicole Antczak, Kazimer Skubi

Senior Teaching Professor: William Kennerly, Maryuri Roca

Senior Instructor: Kara Cetto Bales, Beatrice Kendall, Cynthia K. Sood

Instrumentation Manager - Lisa M. Quimby


Department Overview

Chemistry, the scientific investigation of the composition of matter and its transformations, is at the heart of scientific and technical inquiry. Indeed, knowledge of chemistry is essential to address current issues facing our world such as the need for renewable energy sources, global warming, genomics, stem cell research, and food production. Training in chemistry at Skidmore College prepares students for a wide variety of careers, graduate studies, or healthcare professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary).

The department offers both a major and a minor in chemistry, and a major in chemistry with a biochemistry concentration. The requirements are listed below.

Chemistry faculty strongly encourage those majors who plan to pursue Ph.D. studies in chemistry or biochemistry to obtain significant research experience through the research courses, and/or summer research experiences at Skidmore or through other programs. Two semesters of 300-level research or equivalent are required for Departmental Honors .

Students who major in chemistry and plan to attend a professional school (medical, dental, veterinary) are encouraged to take biology (BI 107  and BI 108 ). See Health Professions .

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




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