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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021


Chair of the Department of Biology: Sylvia McDevitt
Associate Chair of the Department of Biology: Jason Breves

Professors: Corey R. Freeman-Gallant, The Class of 1948 Chair for Excellence in Teaching; David Domozych, Bernard Possidente

Associate Professors: Jennifer Bonner, Jason Breves,
Patricia Hilleren, Sylvia McDevitt, Joshua Ness, Monica Raveret Richter

Senior Instructors: Elaine Larsen, Denise Brooks McQuade, Erika Schielke, Patti Murray Steinberger

Instructor: Jeremy Sloane

Microscopy Technology and Research Coordinator: Li (Lily) Kozel

Technical Assistant: Tracy Broderson

* = part time

Department Overview

Biologists develop and test scientific models that deepen our understanding of life. The pace with which Biology changes (new knowledge, new methods, and new technology) is matched by the speed and depth of its integration into society. Biological expertise is needed, to an unprecedented degree, to address many of the most pressing challenges associated with living in today’s world. Toward that end, our overarching goal, embedded within the framework of a liberal arts education, is to educate Skidmore students in a manner that empowers them to successfully address challenges as they relate to the biological sciences, health professions, industry, environment, and society. The major leads to a bachelor of arts degree.

Students who major in biology and plan to attend professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary, and others) are encouraged to take two semesters of organic chemistry (CH 221  and CH 222 ) and two semesters of calculus-based physics (PY 207  and PY 208 ). See Health Professions.

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




Course Listing


The following courses are designed for students who wish to fulfill the college natural sciences requirement with the study of biology. These courses are generally not counted toward the biology or any biology-combined major. Students who wish to major or minor in biology after completing one or two exploration courses should consult the department chair concerning the appropriate choice of courses; some exploration courses may be substituted for requirements in the major or minor at the discretion of the department.

BI 110 - Biology of the Mind  

BI 115H - Ecology of Food  
BI 120/120H - Human Biology and Medical Decisions: Food, Disease, Sex, Sleep  
BI 195 - Inside Equus: Biology of the Horse  

BI 140 - Marine Biology  
BI 149 - The Birds and the Bees: the Biology of Sex  
BI 150 - Biology: The Scientific Study of Life  

BI 152/152H - Topics in Biology 
BI 155 - Evolutionary Biology   
BI 160 - Conservation Biology  
BI 165 - Microbes and Society  
BI 170 - Human Genetics  

NS 101 - Neuroscience: Mind and Behavior  


BI 107 - Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Life  
BI 108 - Organismal Biology  
BI 224 - Evolution 

BI 235 - Biostatistics 
BI 239 - Parasitology, Epidemiology, and Public Health  
BI 240 - Environmental Biology   
BI 241 - Ecology  
BI 242 - Molecular Cell Biology  
BI 244 - Comparative Vertebrate Physiology   
BI 245 - Principles of Genetics   
BI 246 - General Microbiology  
BI 247 - Cell Biology   
BI 251 - Topics in Biology  
BI 252 - Topics in Biology with Lab  
BI 275 - Introduction to Biological Research  
BI 299 A-C - Professional Internship In Biology   
BI 302 - Behavioral Ecology   
BI 306 - Mammalian Physiology  
BI 307 - Ornithology  
BI 309 - Microbial Genetics  
BI 311 - Biological Electron Microscopy  
BI 316 - Animal Behavior   
BI 325 - Tropical Ecology   
BI 327 - Conservation Ecology    
BI 328 - Global Change Biology  

BI 337 - Plant Biochemistry and Physiology  
BI 338 - Plant Biotechnology   
BI 339 - Plant-Animal Interactions   
BI 341 - Neurodevelopment  

BI 342 - Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience   
BI 343 - Endocrinology  

BI 344 - Biological Clocks  

BI 351 - Topics in Biology  
BI 352 - Topics in Biology with Lab     
BI 360 - Genome Biology: Chromatin Structure, Function and Epigenetic Regulation  
BI 361 - Biology of Viruses  
BI 362 - Bacterial Pathogenesis: A Molecular Approach   
BI 363 - RNA Metabolism  
BI 368 - Advanced Light Microscopy 
BI 370 - Computer Modeling of Biological Systems   
BI 371 A-C - Independent Study  
BI 373 - Scientific Communications in Life Sciences  
BI 374 - Senior Seminar in Biology  
BI 375 A-C - Advanced Research in Biology 
BI 376 - Senior Thesis in Biology  

BI 377 - Senior Capstone in Biology  
BI 378 - Senior Capstone In Biology     
BI 399 A-D - Professional Internship In Biology  

NS 277 - Integrative Seminar in Neuroscience Research  

TX 301 - Tropical Field Ecology and Conservation