May 27, 2020  
Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021

Asian Studies

Director of Asian Studies Program: Benjamin Bogin

Associate Professor: Benjamin Bogin, Xiaoshuo Hou

Affiliated Faculty:

Anthropology: Joowon Park

Art History:  Saleema Waraich

Chinese:  Mao Chen, Cathy Silber

English:  Bina Gogenini, Regina Janes

History:  Jenny Day, Tillman Nechtman

Japanese:  Masako Inamoto, Masami Tamagawa

Korean:  Jinyoung Mason

Library:  Dung-Lan Chen

Music:  Veena Chandra

Philosophy: Susan Blake

Religious Studies:  Eliza Kent, Ryan Overbey

Sanskrit:  Robert E. Goodwin

Sociology:  Xiaoshuo Hou

Theater, Hindi:  Gautam Dasgupta

Department Overview

The student majoring in Asian Studies examines multiple facets of the cultures, traditions, and contemporary realities of Asian countries and peoples. The Asian Studies Program (major and minor) is interdisciplinary, with a significant linguistic component and opportunities for direct experience with an Asian culture.

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




Course Listing

AS 221 - The Himalayas: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the “Roof of the World”  
AS 340 - Advanced Language Across the Curriculum: Sanskrit  
AS 351 - Special Topics in Asian Studies  
AS 374 - Approaches to Asian Studies  

Note: Often there are new or special topic courses that count for Asian Studies that aren’t included in the list below. Contact the Director of Asian Studies for information about other Asian Studies courses.


   Special Topics: Tibetan Buddhist Art Before 1450; Arts of Southeast Asia (may be repeated for credit with a different topic)


   (when applicable)
    (when applicable)
  (section C)- Empire Strikes Back: Postcolonial Literature from the Carribean, Africa, and South Asia





WLL 263 A-D - Topics in Foreign Literature and Culture  Special Topics: Japanese Popular Culture; Japanese Women: Tradition and Transition    


     Themes in Chinese or Japanese Culture
WLX 101 , WLX 102 , WLX 201 , WLX 202 , WLX 220K , WLX 220I , WLX 340K , WLX 340I WLX 371  Self-Instructional Korean and Self-Instructional Hindi

     Special Topic: East Asian Diplomacy
HI 242 - China in War and Revolution  

HI 344 - China’s Last Empire: The Glorious Qing (1644-1911)  

     Special Topics: Chinese History; Japanese History
     Special Topics: Chinese History; Japanese History
     Instruments: Sitar and Tabla

      Special Topics: Study of Taiko; Music and Mao (may be repeated for credit with a different topic)

     Special Topic: Music of East Asia
RE 218 - Hindu Myth  

SO 215 - China in Transition  
      Special Topic: Sociology of Japan
   Special Topic: Asian Performance/Asian Theater