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Catalog 2019-2020 
Catalog 2019-2020

Media and Film Studies

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Director of the Media and Film Studies Program: Katie Hauser

Professor: John Anzalone

Assistant Professor: Paul Benzon, Adam Tinkle

Visiting Assistant Professor: Aaron Pedinotti

Lecturer: Nicole Coady, Sean Lewis

Department Overview

The interdisciplinary Media and Film Studies minor explores the function and structure of written, aural, and visual communication systems. Grounded in a strong liberal arts preparation, the program offers core courses in media theory and practice as well as the opportunity for advanced course work and practical field experience.

Media and Film Studies affords students the opportunity to develop critical literacy in forms of media and communication by providing a foundation in the central concepts (theoretical, practical, and aesthetic) and contexts of mediated communication; by exploring the application of current and developing forms of media and communication; and by fostering facility and expertise in the use of technology related to current and emerging media. Students also participate in programs and courses offered as part of project VIS and the John B. Moore Documentary Studies Program (MDOCS). We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning, to discuss their program and progress with their faculty advisor, and to avail themselves of relevant college-wide lectures, symposia, and media resources.

Skidmore’s Media and Film Studies minor helps to ensure the success of the college’s mission to link “theoretical with applied learning” and prepare students to “make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens” in a twenty-first century context.


Minor Requirements



Course Listing

MF 351 C or D - Advanced Topics in Media and Film Studies  
MF 399 A - D - Professional Internship in Media and Film Studies   
Cluster I: Media and Culture
A. Humanities

AH 251 - Popular Cultures in Asia: Appeal and Impact
AH 375C - Framing Photography
AM 351C - American Science Fiction
DS 199A - Viewing Documentary in AR/VR
DS 201 - Principles of Documentary 
DS 251 - Film and Truth
DS 251B - Intro to Doc Studies
EN 228 - Documentary Film
EN 228 - Graphic Narratives and Comic Books
EN 229 - Childhood in Cinema
EN 229 - Literature in the Digital Age
EN 229 - Transnational Cinema
EN 363R - Strange Things: Race, Gender, Objecthood in Lint and Media
EN 364 - Remixes, Memes, and Mashups
HI 251D - Japanese Film History
IA 251A - International Affairs and Journalism
MB 351 - Visualizing Work: Pop Culture’s Representation of the Work Experience
MB 351 - Media and the Meaning of Work
MF 251 - Virtual Reality
MF 251 C or D - Interrogating Spectatorship
MF 351 C or D - Black Sounds
MF 351 C or D - Video Gaming
PH 230 - Film Truth
RE 230 - Drawing Identity
WLL 305 - East Asian Cinema: History, Genres, and Waves 
WLL 376 A-D - Narrative and Cinema: Japan
  (when topic is Projecting Spain or Cinema et Societe)
B. Visual and Performing Arts
C. Social Science
AAMB 321 - Entertainment Law and Business 
AM 265 - Post-Apocalyptic Film and Literature
AM 351 C or D - Reading “The Wire” or Sports Cinema
AN 251 - Visual Anthropology
AN 251 - Visual Ethnography
DS 251C - Filmmaking: Civic Life
HI 351D -  Media and State: Modern China
HI 363 -  History and Cartography
MF 351 C or D - Law and Ethics in Media
PL 251C - Topics in Political Science: American Politics  (when topic is focused on Media)
SO 221 - Media Sociology 
SO 251 A-D - Sociology of the Media and Race, Class, Gender
SO 251 A-D - Media or Social Science Journalism
D. Natural Science and Technology    
Custer II: Applied Media
A. Humanities

B. Visual and Performing Arts 
AR 264G- Photography: Summer Landscapes
AR 264J - Digital media: Motion
AR 351J - Advanced Digital Media
AR 243 - Digital Media I: Animation  
DA 274 - Special Studies In Dance Theory and Appreciation  
DS 110 A or B - Storytelling Toolkit: Video  
DS 111 A or B - Storytelling Toolkit: Audio  
DS 112 A or B - Storytelling Toolkit: Photography  
DS 113 A or B - Storytelling Toolkit: Interviewing  
DS 114 A or B - Storytelling Toolkit: Exhibition  
DS 115 A or B - Storytelling Toolkit: Web Design  
DS 119A - Cooking with Video
DS 119A - 16MM Filmmaking
DS 202 - Documentary Studies Workshop  
DS 251 - Topics in Documentary Studies  
DS 251C - Multi-Media/Literary Archive
DS 251D - Doc Storytelling
DS 251D - Filmmaking in Voice of “I”
DS 351B - Doc Practices in Photography
DS 351D - Doc Film Production: Form/Content
DS 302 - Advanced Documentary Studies Workshop  
AHDS 324 - The Artist Interview  
DS 351 - Advanced Topics in Documentary Studies  
DS 351C - Creative Research/Multimedia
DS 351D - Doc Film Prod: Form
DS 371 - Independent Study in Documentary Studies  
DS 381 - Skidmore-Saratoga Memory Project Practicum  
DS 399 - Professional Internship in Documentary Studies  
HI 251C - Intro to Oral History
ID 351 - Contemporary Time Based Media
MF 351 C or D - Introduction to Time-Based Media
MU 352 - Film Scoring
C. Social Science
AN 201 - Ethnographic Research Methods 
SO 251 A-D - Social Science Journalism
D. Natural Science and Technology
DS 116A - Storytelling: Mapping
DS 251C - Interactive Digital Storytelling
DS 351C - 3D Interactive Storytelling
CS 376 - Digital Image Processing

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