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Catalog 2019-2020 
Catalog 2019-2020


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Chair of the Department of Dance: Debra J. Fernandez
Professor: Debra J. Fernandez

Associate Professors: Mary DiSanto-Rose

Senior Artist-in-Residence: Mary Harney

Artist-in-Residence: Eric Otto

Assistant Professors: Sarah DiPasquale, Jason Ohlberg

Full-time Lecturer: Erika Pujič

Part-time Lecturers: Tina Baird, Megan DelPrete, David Otto, Laura Feig Otto, Christy Williams

Music Director: Carl Landa

Accompanists: Carol Ann Elze-Sussdorff, Patricia Hadfield, Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius

Technical Director, Lighting Designer, and Manager: Lori Dawson

Stage Manager: Jessica M. Thomas

Dance Department Administrative Assistants: Ellen Grandy

Department Overview

The mission of the Dance Department is to link critical thinking, historical perspective, and creative discovery with the distinct movement skills derived from studio practice and stage performance.  Students develop a deeper understanding of dance and how it has emerged and evolved as an art form. They learn to recognize and distinguish the ways in which culture and society influence dance and, conversely, how dance embodies and expresses the human experience.

Students work toward proficiency in the major through a combined course of study, which includes intensive dance technique and movement training, dance history/criticism, improvisation and composition classes. The dance major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree, preparing students for a career in the fields of performance, choreography, dance education, arts administration, and dance criticism. Dance majors and minors are encouraged to investigate related areas of study, which might include art history, arts administration, music theory and performance, theater, museum studies, and exercise science.

Guest Artists:

Each year outstanding artists are brought to the campus to teach, lecture, conduct workshops, and choreograph or reconstruct works for departmental performances.

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements





Breadth requirements: 

DA 101 , DA 212 , DA 213 , DA 227 , DB 111 DB 211 DM 111 DM 211 DA 230  may be taken to fulfill the humanities requirement.

Course Listing

DA 105 - Dance Conditioning  



Dance Technique Courses

DA 101 , DB 111 , DM 111 DB 211 DM 211 DA 212 DB 212 DM 212 DA 213 DA 214 DA 215 DA 217 DA 218 DB 311 DM 311 DA 312 DA 313 DA 314 DA 315 DA 317 DA 318 , DB 320 DB 351 DM 351 DB 352 DB 353 


DB 393 DM 393 , DB 394 , DM 394 DM 395 DM 396 

Dance Theory

  , DA 227 DA 228 DA 230 DA 274 DA 276 DA 277 DA 278 DA 279 DA 327 DA 328 DA 335 DA 340 DA 371 A-D DA 375 DA 376 DA 399  

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