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Catalog 2018-2019 
Catalog 2018-2019

Periclean Honors Forum

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Program Director: Steve Frey

Each semester, the faculty offer ten to twenty designated sections of courses as Honors. The courses come from the full spectrum of the curriculum, are often introductory in nature, and are usually open to first-year students. With prior approval, students may design independent projects to investigate further topics introduced in prior courses.

Periclean Honors Forum Course Listing

HF 100 - Honors Forum Workshop 
HF 200 - Honors Forum Workshop 
HF 201 - Great Books Workshop 
HF 202 - Great Books Practicum 
HF 203 - Citizen Studentship 
HF 212 - STEM Peer Leader Training Seminar  
HF 215 - Peer Health Education 
HF 271 - Honors Independent Study 
HF 272 - Honors Independent Study 
HF 273 - Sex, Gender, and Civic Engagement 
HF 300 - Honors Forum Seminar 
HF 315 - Advanced Peer Health Education 
HF 371 - Honors Independent Study  


Shared Course Listing (not all courses offered every semester):

AM 232H New England Begins
AN 101W Honors: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
BI 115H Ecology of Food
CH 107H Intensive General Chemistry
CH 207H Inorganic Compounds and Materials
EC 104H Introduction to Microeconomics
EN 105H Special Topics
EN 228H The Victorian Illustrated Book
EN 229H Special Studies: Texts in Context (Introduction to Medieval Literature, Stories of English)
EN 303H Peer Tutoring Project
GO 304H Modern Political Thought
HI 110H The British Empire
HI 224H The Enlightenment
ID 201H Peer Mentor Seminar
MA 113H Calculus II
MA 126H Honors Problem Solving
MA 226H Honors Problem Solving
MA 275H Mathematics Research
MA 326H Honors Problem Solving
MB 336H Diversity and Discrimination in the American Workplace
PH 101H Introduction to Philosophy
PS 318H Statistical Methods in Psychology II
PS 320H Social Psychology Research
PS 376H Senior Research Project II
PS 378H Senior Seminar
PY 207H General Physics I Honors
PY 221H Galaxies and Cosmology
SO 211H Sociologic Imagination
SO 224H Close Relationships
TX 300A Travel Seminar: Jane Austen in Bath

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