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Catalog 2018-2019 
Catalog 2018-2019


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Chair of the Department of Anthropology: Heather Hurst

Associate Chair of the Department of Anthropology: Siobhan Hart

Associate Professors: Siobhan Hart, Heather Hurst, Michael C. Ennis-McMillan, Sónia Silva

Assistant Professor: Joowon Park, Bernardo Ramirez Rios

Visiting Assistant Professor: Kathryn Baustian, Julie Jenkins

Department Overview

Anthropology is the study of the human condition, past and present. Our anthropology program concentrates on three sub-areas within anthropology: cultural anthropology, which studies the ways of life of different groups and communities in the present; archeology, which studies the human past through its physical remains; and biological anthropology, which focuses on the adaptations, variability and evolution of humans and their living and fossil relatives. By exploring the complexities of culture, social action and biology, our students investigate and appreciate human diversity. Our courses introduce students to fieldwork and the importance of theoretical concepts in anthropological research, while, at the same time, developing their skills in critical thinking. In the support of a liberal arts education, we encourage students to develop interdisciplinary interests by bridging anthropology with the natural and social sciences, humanities, and arts, and to explore those interests through coursework, individual research projects, internships, and study abroad. Through studying the breadth and scope of the human experience, students become responsible, informed global citizens.

EXPLORATIONS IN ANTHROPOLOGY:  Selected anthropology courses may incorporate exploration in anthropology through special emphasis on research, visual analysis, or writing (designated R, V, or W, respectively, in the master schedule listing). Courses integrating an exploration in anthropology carry four rather than three credit hours. Depending on the course, the students will fulfill the exploration component by meeting for a fourth classroom hour each week or by completing a required 45 hours of additional assigned work over the semester.

Research in Anthropology (designated xxxR): Students learn specific elements in the research process or particular methodologies of data collection such as interviewing, fieldwork methods, archival analysis, or laboratory techniques.

Visual Analysis in Anthropology (designated xxxV): Students will complete visual anthropology assignments integrated with the subject matter of the course. The additional credit will include projects analyzing and producing visual materials, such as photographs, films, maps, and illustrations.

Writing in Anthropology (designated xxxW): Students will undertake writing assignments integrated with the subject matter of the course. The additional credit will include instruction on the writing conventions in anthropology.  Writing assignments and their evaluation will be consistent with guidelines for Skidmore’s writing-intensive and writing-enhanced courses.


Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




Course Listing


AN 328 - Built Environments: Archaeology of Architecture  
AN 329 - Imaging & Imagining the Past: Visual Representation in Archaeology  
AN 346 - Rethinking Materiality: The Anthropology of Stuff  

AN 365 - Applying Anthropology  


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