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    Skidmore College
  Dec 18, 2017
Catalog 2017-2018 
Catalog 2017-2018


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Chair of the Department of Music: Jeremy Day-O'Connell

Professor: Gordon R. Thompson

Associate Professors: Jeremy Day-O'Connell, Sarah Day-O'Connell, Benjamin Givan, Anthony Holland, Deborah Rohr

Teaching Professor:
Evan Mack

Distinguished Artist-in-Residence: Pola Baytelman, Joel Brown

Senior Artists-in-Residence: Michael Emery, John Nazarenko, Jan Vinci

Artist-in-Residence: Sylvia Stoner-Hawkins

Visiting Artist-in-Residence: Shichao Zhang

Lecturers: *Richard Cherry, * Sue Daves, *Randall Ellis, Patricia Hadfield, *Patrice Malatestinic, *George Muscatello, *Josh Rodriguez, *Mark Vinci

Private Music Instructors: *Luke Baker, *Jonathan Brin, *Veena Chandra, *Dan Cordell, *Paul Green, *Brett Grigsby, *Robert Halek, *Elizabeth Huntley, *John Kirk, *Eric Latini, *Milton Lee, *Harold Levin, *Patricia Miller, *Jameson Platte, *Michael Silvagnoli, *Richard Syracuse, *Alexander Turpin

Choral Conductor: Katie Gardiner

Accompanists: Richard Cherry, Carol Ann Elze-Sussedorf, Patricia Hadfield

Research Associate: Benjamin Van Wye

* = part time

Department Overview

The Department of Music offers courses in five areas of musical study: musicology/ethnomusicology, music theory, music technology, individual musical performance, and ensemble performance. These courses meet the needs of music majors and minors and students whose concentrations lie in other disciplines.

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




Course Listing


MU 109 - Global Hip Hop  
MU 221 - The Fortepiano  
MU 343 - Seminar in Avant-Garde Jazz and American Postwar Racial Politics  


MU 352 - Film Scoring  

Seminars and Independent Projects




Skidmore Ensembles

MP 256 - Music Outreach: Performance  
MP 257 - Music Outreach: Organization  

MP 295 - Skidmore Concert Band  

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