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    Skidmore College
  Sep 22, 2017
Catalog 2017-2018 
Catalog 2017-2018

Health and Exercise Sciences

Chair of the Department of Health and Exercise Sciences: T.H. Reynolds

Professors: Paul Arciero, Patricia Fehling, Thomas H. Reynolds, Jeffrey Segrave, Denise Smith

Assistant Professor: Stephen Ives

Visiting Assistant Professor: Justin Faller, Sarah Herrick, Mary Roberts

Lecturers: Susanne D'Isabel, Jennifer McDonald

Senior Instructor: Karen Arciero

Research Assistants: Jeannie Haller, Andrea Wilkinson

Research Associates: Catherine Anderson-Hanley, Thomas Rowland


Department Overview

Exercise Science comprises the study and expansion of knowledge concerning the relationship between physical activity and human health. Course work and research emphasize an understanding of the effects of acute and chronic exercise on human function and health, and the physiological and biochemical mechanisms that underlie the response and adaptations to exercise. Underlying the curriculum is a commitment to physical fitness, health promotion, and disease prevention. Students who major in Exercise Science will be expected to collect and analyze data, synthesize information, and communicate effectively with various audiences in medicine, health, physiology, and nutrition.

The bachelor of science degree in Exercise Science is designed to prepare students for graduate study and careers in exercise science and allied health fields. The Exercise Science major serves as the academic foundation for advanced studies in several subdisciplines of the field, including: exercise physiology, integrative physiology, nutrition, public health, biomechanics, and athletic training. The major can also serve as the academic foundation for advanced study and careers in medicine and allied health professions, including physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, chiropractor, dietician, and pharmacist.

Major Requirements


Minor Requirements




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