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    Skidmore College
  Dec 18, 2017
Catalog 2017-2018 
Catalog 2017-2018

Intergroup Relations

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Director of the Intergroup Relations Program: Jennifer Mueller

Affiliated Faculty

Admissions: Dean Mendes

American Studies: Amber Wiley

Anthropology: Michael Ennis-McMillan

Counseling Center: Amanda McEnery, Leya Moore

English: Sarah Goodwin

French: Adrienne Zuerner

Social Work: Peter McCarthy

Sociology: Kristie Ford, Jennifer Mueller

Spanish: Viviana Rangil

Student Academic Services: Jamin Totino

Theater: Eunice Ferreira

Department Overview


Intergroup Relations (IGR) is designed for students with a curricular interest in race, social justice, and dialogic pedagogies.  Intergroup Relations courses provide students with a foundation in understanding conceptual and theoretical knowledge related to race, racism, and racial identity development in the U.S.  The program also helps students bridge theory (content) with practice (process) by applying communication and facilitation skills within intergroup and intragroup dialogue settings.  In addition, skills learned in Intergroup Relations courses are applicable to the "real world"-including preparing students to enter graduate programs focused on social action, work in diverse workplaces, and successfully navigate a global society.

Minor Requirements


Course Listing

IG 201D - Intergroup/Intragroup Race Dialogs: People of Color Intragroup 
IG 251 - Special Topics in Intergroup Relations  
IG 351 - Advanced Special Topics in Intergroup Relations Theory and Praxis  
IG 371 - Independent Study  


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