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Catalog 2019-2020 
Catalog 2019-2020
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TH 376 - Senior Project

Credits: 3
A culminating experience for the theater major. In consultation with faculty, each student will submit a project proposal for departmental approval by the end of the junior year. Projects should be based upon the student’s past work and provide an appropriate next challenge for the student’s development as a theater artist. Projects must be sponsored and supervised by an appropriate faculty member. Every student’s Senior Project will involve a significant writing component based upon guidelines provided for each concentration. Possible projects include:

  1. Performing in a seminar or faculty-directed studio production
  2. Directing a studio production
  3. Designing a studio or seminar production
  4. Serving in one of a number of approved seminar production leadership positions such as assistant designer, assistant director, stage manager, playwright, general manager, production manager, technical director, dramaturg, etc.
  5. Preparing a thesis (research paper, design project, playwriting project, etc.)
  6. Creating a special production workshop (this is dependent upon approval through the established departmental workshop procedures)

Students unable to accomplish projects due to the casting or nature of available productions and the approved workshop selections will revise their proposal during the senior year.

 ; senior status as a theater major; senior minors may participate with permission of department.
Note(s): Partially fulfills the writing requirement in the major. This course may be repeated for credit at the discretion of the department.
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