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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021


Course Credit

The number of semester hours of credit earned by satisfactory completion of a course is indicated after the course title.

Course Numbering

The level of the course is indicated as follows:


Course Notations

Courses designated by a single number are one-semester courses.

Double numbers separated by a comma (101, 102) are courses in which grades are given separately for each semester, but in which one semester ordinarily follows the other.

An “H” following a course number usually indicates that the course will be taught as an honors course.

If a course is not offered annually, the year in which it will next be offered is noted where possible.

Course prerequisites, if any, are listed at the end of the course description. Students must adhere to the stated prerequisite or obtain override permission from the instructor prior to the time of registration.

Due to scheduling, faculty leaves of absence, sabbaticals, and other factors, every course listed may not be given in any particular year. The college reserves the right to withdraw any course for which there is insufficient enrollment.

Faculty are listed with their respective departments and in the faculty section of this catalog. Part-time faculty and administrators who hold a faculty line or teach a course are indicated by an asterisk(*).



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